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Website introduction :


First :

The most common troubles while starting to earn money through Internet
The troubles are:

Ø   Do I need to invite a lot of people ?
Ø   Do I need to have a lot of money ?
Ø   How much time do I need to get my money back ?

The answers are  :

ü   No, You don’t , it’s an individual action to make money
ü   No, just start your investment with any amount
of money you have and start enjoying the return
ü   You need less than two months in the beginning to get your money back 
With a profit equal or more than  > 30%
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What is MyBrowserCashTM    ?
How Can you get money right now ?

MBC is the Global website profit/sharing site

Do you know that our website specificity is not selling products or affiliating marketing to get money as most of the people are doing, but by just placing advertisements on their sites ? 

The problem is Google for example .

Once you click on advertisers’ link, you’ll never find or get anything

If you are a user of the following social networks: Facebook, MySpace, YouTube
 and others that make Millions of dollars per DAY
From Google advertisers but you won’t get anything.

Now, imagine that you are going to get money and get paid a percentage
by using different kind of browsers such as Google, Facebok, Youtube ,
Myspace or anything else by clicking on our site and by making  some
Actions like: sign in …
start right now and guarantee
your work at home
MBC’s Advantages :
1.          Join for FREE
2.You don’t need much time to get money
3.          Automatic way to get money
4.          Can be an investement tool
5.          Return to investment  > 30 %

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Why do many companies are advertising in the MBC ?

è Even you are using Google from 10 to 20 times to earn, you’ll get nothing
But by relying on MBC is beneficial , accurate and inexpensive eg:
è 2500 clicks = 7$

MyBrowserCash’s main profit comes from a
Large number of members and advertisers.

How do we get profit from MBC ?

Very Simple , there are two steps:

è Click the ads assigned by MBC

The purchase of bonus shares (Rented Refeerals) (RR)
A RR daily payouts are ranging from $ 0.07to $0.16, and the avg is $0.1~$0.13
Expired after 75 days.
So each RR will earn about $2~$4 after 75 days J

This is why we must invest in

Earn Money
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mardi 30 octobre 2012

Auto Click for My Browser Cash

Auto Click for My Browser Cash

mercredi 25 avril 2012

Advanced Teaching Of Earn Money , My Browser Cash

The following tutorial is teach you HOW


First, there are two ways to earn money 

on MyBrowserCash

1.    Purchase Rented Referrals

(or simply RR)

2.    Referral MyBrowserCash 

to other people.

Next, we will introduce these 

two ways in the following article.

1.       Purchase RR

(1)How to purchase RR

Go to home page, and Click 

Purchase Referral Shares

(Now is Purchase Rented Referrals) 

on left of this page.

      And you will see the following 

 If you want to purchase RR, you must be

 have money in Purchase Balance(PB).

  (2) How do RR help you earn money?

Rented Referrals is like Buying 

Referrals On Steroids! Why?

 First, lets explain what

 exactly they are.Referral 

Shares are "Positions" you can 

purchase for $5.5, except they

 pay out 75 times over a 

duration of (generally 75 days)


There is a gotcha, which is you

 have to have the software 

installed and working and click

 at least 10 ads a day.

RR daily payout is not fixed, it

floating and probably average about 


      Simply income calculate: 0.1 × 75 = 

7.5, 0.13 × 75 = 9.75

      (If you buy 1 RR, you will take 

$7.5~$9.75 after 75 days , thenearn about 

$2 ~ $4)

(3)How Can MyBrowserCash Possibly 

Do This?

We used to sell referrals

 directly. Meaning our site

 generates X number of new users

 a day. Generally this is several

 hundred to thousands. You could 

"Buy" a referral. The problem 

was/is that you end up with a 

bunch of do nothing people who 

make you no money. It's the luck

 of the draw.

By Charging $5.5 for a referral

 share, we can take the money 

these people are making for the

 system and distribute it to the

 user population in the form of

 referral shares. This means we 

can share our direct income that

 is difficult to track directly 

to the end user with you.

(4) My PB which had no money, how to 

buy RR?

    (i) The easiest way is to transfer

 the daily income from AB to PB

          daily income implies click ads,

 avg. 0.11/day of each RR, etc.


 and you will see the following screen
(ii) The other way is deposit through 

AlertPay or Paypal.


The speed of purchase RR and total amount 

of RR will be limited on different 

accounts type

 Free Member must be click 10 ads

 to qualify for RR earnings.

2.       Earn money through of direct 


   You can see Chapter 4 of the E-book,

 it teach you how to promote direct 


Key Points:

uWe can withdraw money from AB 

through of PayPal or Alertpay

uand cant withdraw any money from


u  AB can transfer the money into the 


uPB can deposit by AlertPay or 


uPB can purchase RR

uEach RR will generated $0.11/day to


uRR will expire after 60 days.

uRR pay a mature bonus on day 61, $1

 to your AB

and $2 to your PB

uOnly Gold Member will receive 1 RR 

from system (you will receive 5 

Partial Shares(PS) = 1 RR)

uPS will convert to RR after 6 to 24


How To Start ? , My Browser Cash

First, you must be 

join MyBrowserCash.

1.       Please Click 

2.     Click Register & Install 

MyBrowserCash Now!

Button,Register is FREE!

3.       Input details to register: Please

pay attention to Your Sponsors 

ID must be 192590

  If not, Click  to restart 



4.     Receive the mail 

to validate your account.  


5.     Back to  and Login 

your account.

And click Home 

on above of this page.

6.     Click Download Software to

 download ad software and install it.

7.     If the installation is successful, 

start the software and it will 

randomly pop up ads.

  when you click it, you will earn a little money.


8.     You can change ad frequency and 

other settings in Account Settings on 

the top of home.

Success Example My Browser Cash

Payment proof video

Daily income proof

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Someone use mybrowsercash results

 after six months

Withdraw funds proof

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The above is a proof 

of income of many

 people, for 

your reference!

You will earn more 

than $3,000, if you

 contact to me.

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